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sunshine coast eye doctor services

What is Glaucoma?

Glaucoma is a group of eye conditions usually associated with elevated eye pressure that irreversibly damages the main nerve of sight (the optic nerve).

It is known as the “sneak thief of sight” as most patients with this condition do not have any symptoms until very late. However, with early diagnosis, regular monitoring, and treatment much vision loss can be prevented. For this reason, those over 40, especially with a family history, previous eye injury or strong spectacle prescriptions should be checked by their local optometrist.

We provide ongoing care for many patients with a variety of glaucoma types;

  • Testing of vision
  • Eye pressure
  • Visual fields
  • Eye scans on a regular basis (most commonly twice a year)

This is the usual standard of glaucoma care.

Glaucoma management

Most types of glaucoma are not “curable” but are manageable.

The mainstay of treatment is lowering the eye pressure with either:

    • Medication (usually eye drops)
    • Laser (selective laser trabeculoplasty or peripheral iridotomy)
    • Surgery
      • minimally invasive glaucoma surgery (eg. micro-stents)
      • filtration surgery (small controlled tunnel allowing bypass of fluid)
      • drainage implant devices (ie. small drainage tube)

Visit the Glaucoma Australia website

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APPOINTMENT TIME: up to 2 hours

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